Spring 2012

VERTICAL's spring issue has Beautiful Chemistry. Seeds signal the START while a troop of ants marches on a branch carrying the Buzz on VERTICAL. Far from what you'd expect to see in Tampa Bay, the Au Naturel fashion editorial is explained on the publisher's page. The section intro artwork illustrates the joy that springs forth from the minds of Creative Clay artists. It's Hard to Imagine that 11-year old Tristan DeMarzo contributed the photography and interview showcasing local artist Paul Eppling. We'll get a TASTE of local markets, WANDERLUST to Gulfport in City Seen and embrace a One Love way of life.

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  • Great article, Tracy! I love the Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete. I can’t wait to go there this weekend to get some local honey (great for allergy sufferers), empanadas, pickles and my favorite, Pop Craft Pops! They have gourmet popsicles that are SOOO good, like Mexican Chocolate, Orange Pomegranate, Blackberry Mojito and Blueberry Lemon Basil (my fave). 

    The Ybor and Sarasota markets sound great too. I’ll have to check them both out soon. Maybe this summer. Cooking demonstrations by local restaurants is a fabulous idea. I have to see this! I love shopping local when I can and markets are a great start for people who want join the movement. 

  • I love this issue cover! It’s a perfect allegory of beauty in the world!