Thrifting For Peace

A Girl’s Journey to Style Her Look for the Peace Couture Fashion Show

Story & Photography by Latrenia Bryant

I was invited to attend a fashion show. It’s a charity event called Peace Couture for the benefit of The Spring of Tampa Bay (domestic violence prevention). My first thought was to not attend and I'm not sure why that was because I love fashion. Maybe I was scared to step out of my box and into another world, even just for one day. Maybe I told myself I would not fit in. I'm not sure but I spoke to my husband and he immediately encouraged me to attend. The next day, I went online to and purchased two tickets. And yes, my husband will be escorting me.

My Inspiration

My next thought was, "Oh no! What will I wear?"  This is pretty funny considering I have a closet full of clothes. I was craving something new but not really NEW, just new to me. It's like Sarah Jessica Parker said, “Fashion is not a luxury,” and I set out to prove just that. Besides, showing up to a fashion show looking unfashionable is a no-no (laughing).

Editor’s Note: Latrenia couldn’t look unfashionable if she tried.

A Thrifting Challenge

I gave myself a budget of $60.00. Never count out your local Goodwill, discount stores and flea markets for budget friendly deals. I would have to say my biggest deal of the day was the dress! I came across a photo of Kim Kardashian wearing a dress very similar to the one I purchased from Goodwill. I have to laugh because I would bet a pretty penny that she spent thousands on her look—between the hair, makeup, a stylist and the dress.  I spent a whopping $5.87 for the dress alone and I did my own hair, makeup and styling.


In conclusion, I would say my adventure was a success. My final total, at the end of the day, was $56.84. I'm looking forward to the show! Maybe I'll see you there. If so, don't be shy. Stop by to say, "Hi!"

The Final Breakdown

  • Dress: $5.87
  • Shoes: $19.99
  • Headband: $4.99
  • Necklace: $20.00 (Regular price $29.99)
  • Fashion ring: $5.99
  • TOTAL: $56.84
Handbag was shopped from my closet (I already had that, purchased from Target months ago). Hair, Makeup and Styling done by me from supplies I already had.

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  • Trentpart

    Great article Latrenia!

    • Latrenia Bryant

      Thank you Trentpart 🙂

  • Great piece. I love the bargains. The writer has great style and is very pretty as well 🙂

    • Latrenia Bryant

      Thank you! I live for a good bargin! Your comments make me smile 🙂

  • Success indeed!! you look fabulous!! I wouldn’t worry about “fitting in”  Your husband needs to worry about everybody not being able to take their eyes off your gorgeousness!!
    What a wonderful cause, hope you  have a great time

    • Latrenia Bryant

      Awww, Thank you so much Sharon! I’m pretty sure I’ll have a great time. I appreciate everyone’s kind words. (smiling)

  • Tarva

    You look great and I am loving the dress actually the entire ensemble is FABULOUS!!!  Proud of you!!

    Tarva Mc

    • Latrenia Bryant

      Aw Thank yooooou Tarva! 🙂

  • Natasha B

    I am a avid vintage and thrift lover myself. You look fabulous.