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  • Annette

    I saw the movie and was thrilled and inspired. Your picture is exquisite and you, too are one of a kind.

    • Leslie Joy Ickowitz

      So sweet of you to say so. Thank you Annette!

  • <3 …""There is only one really good life and that's the life that you know you want and you make it yourself." Thank you for reinforcing the status quo and delivering it in such a VERTICAL way. From one fashion titan to another: just saw the "Impressionism and Fashion" exhibit in Musee d'Orsay, and there could not be a more supporting (historical) document to the fact that fashion is art, and vice versa: art provides fashion with an outlet and a runway to express its creativity. Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

    • Leslie Joy Ickowitz

      With pleasure

  • Tami Clare

    Love your article and your dress! You look adorable Leslie.

    • Leslie Joy Ickowitz

      Thank you Tami!

  • Tania

    Leslie you really “wore” that dress, and became a wonderfully sparkling star of the night! Thank you for letting me paint your face to go with!

    • Leslie Joy Ickowitz

      Thank you Tania. Having you paint my face was a highlight of the evening’s festivities!